Wake Up Everybody

This past weekend a profound sadness came over me as I thought about the implications of the President's executive order. Usually, Saturday nights are for the family, where we do something that our children can remember long after their parents are gone. What memories will they have about this day, I pondered? As parents, we work hard to provide a framework for our children to be successful in their endeavors. I love my country flaws and all. My people have paid for our citizenship in blood so I cannot sit idly by as freedom is in jeopardy. 
On Sunday evening as I was preparing lunches for the upcoming school and work week. My wife and I were talking about the protest, and my oldest daughter said to both of us "Why are you two always talking about politics?"
My response was "I have lived a significant portion of my life, and I am going to do everything I can to make sure your quality of life is better than mine..." 
I would give my life for my children's freedom. As American's we need to heed this clarion call.
Feeling a little anxious on Monday morning wondering what might today bring, I head to the kitchen. As I approached the kitchen, I could hear that the radio was on but not sure of the song. As I got closer to the kitchen, I recognized what it was, and it was exact what I needed. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes with Teddy P singing "WAKE UP EVERYBODY..."