Black Women Running for Office in the U.S.


There are Black women running for political office all over the United States, and we need to know who they are. It is abundantly clear that we need to start following the lead of Black women, because we show up and do what is important, even when we are being disenfranchised and sabotaged from doing the work. 2018 is especially important because midterm elections are coming up. We need all the information we can get.

We must highlight the organization, , which is doing WORK to get Black women running for office, including capacity building and trainings. Their campaign is ensuring that voices are being heard and that sistas are able to throw their hats in the political ring. They BEENNNN doing this. to learn more about what they're doing, and how to get involved or help.

When we went looking for a database of Black women running for office and couldn't find a comprehensive one, us four Black women decided to create one. For the first round of this list, we had 100+ Black women candidates. We called for people to submit others who they know and that list is now at over 375.

These are ACTIVE candidates, so they are seeking their seats in 2018, and their elections will be happening this year.

Black Women Running for Office

DONATE, SUPPORT and VOTE for Black women!

Please note: This is purely a list of Black women running, and not an endorsement. Click on their names and websites to find out what their stances and beliefs are. Again: this is a database, not a vouching for. Think about it as a phone book.

If you or someone you know should be added to this list, . Understand that this is a labor of love so updates won't be made immediately. If there are errors, give us time to fix. Please DO NOT message us about additions or edits to the list. Use the form.